How We Make Live Edge Furniture

The Live Edge Furniture Company is owned and operated by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.  Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture designs and manufacturers custom wood and metal furniture.  A piece of live edge furniture does not just hop off the tree - although sometimes it looks like it does. From the forest to your home, every piece of live edge furniture has a unique story to tell. 

1.) Finding the Perfect Live Edge Slab

Live edge refers to the natural edge of a wood slab that includes the bark. Live edge furniture starts with a millcut slab of live edge wood that has been dried over a long period of time to make it moisture and warp-free. This ensures that it is suitable for the highest quality furniture that will remain stable and strong for as long as you own it. We have a large network of live edge slab providers in Ohio, including sawmills, lumber companies, and tree farms. We choose the wood based on the size of the slab, the type of wood, its shape, color, grain pattern and other aesthetic features.  

2.) Making Your Live Edge Furniture in Our Workshop

Back at our workshop, we get down to making your piece of live edge furniture. To keep the natural look of the wood slab, we make sure our designs showcase the grains, growth rings, colors, knots and burrs. Leaving imperfections in the wood is what makes live edge furniture so unique and desirable. No two pieces are exactly alike. Cracks, gaps small indents and grain patterns in the wood are all preserved and accentuated by the way we plane, sand, and apply special resins, epoxies, polyurethane coatings and wax. 

We remove the bark from the original slab to expose the live edge. Some bark will always remain affixed to the wood, giving it a truly rough and rugged look. If the design calls for leaving all the bark intact, we use methods and materials to protect it from insects and other elements that will weaken and damage it.

When the wood surface has cracks or gaps, wooden bows are used to reinforce those cracks in the wood surface. They are an extra added feature that looks great while preserving the natural appearance of the wood.

3.) Legs and Bases Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

Finally, we add the specially designed metal or wood legs and bases. Many live edge pieces have standard, boring supports. Not ours. Our expert metal maker studies our furniture designs and makes legs that truly enhance the look of each piece while providing the support that keeps them steady and prevents bowing.

To order or purchase live edge furniture from Live Edge Furniture Company, call us at 216-392-2382or go to the ‘Contact Us‘ page of this web site and fill out and submit the form.